Electronic billing, statements and payments make your life easier. They are faster and more secure than using paper – and better for the environment. 

 When you go paper free, you benefit from the convenience and safety of paperless electronic billing, statements and payments. 

Your payments will reach their destination more securely and
faster too.

Enroll in electronic billing and you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Avoid identity theft: 85 percent of identity theft is tied to paper bills and payments.
  • Improved record keeping: view 12 months of bills online or as PDFs.
  • Reduce clutter: online bills and PDFs are as valid as paper records, but are filed electronically.
  • Save money: paying securely online saves postage, paper and time.

It is easy to enroll in electronic billing. Simply call us at 912-526-8181, or toll-free at 1-800-822-4563, and ask to enroll in electronic billing. A customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

It’s a simple, safe and smart way to help you save today for a better tomorrow.