Penny Power:

Ben Franklin once said, "A penny saved is a penny earned."

A frugal and financially savvy man, he was never one to scoff at the value of even one cent. At Altamaha EMC, we believe in the power of pennies too. That's why we're launching a community service program called Operation Round Up.


Reaching Out by Rounding Up


Operation Round UpOn August 1, 2017, Altamaha EMC joined the nationwide Operation Round Up program. Operation Round Up is an innovative program that provides funding for various charitable organizations in our own community. Through Operation Round Up, the Altamaha EMC Foundation will be able to assist with charitable needs within our service territory. Through Operation Round Up, participating members will allow Altamaha EMC to "round up" their monthly electric bills to the next whole dollar amount. Below is more information about the Operation Round Up program.

What is Operation Round Up?

Operation Round Up is a program to generate and collect voluntary donations that are used to benefit organizations in Altamaha EMC's service area for the purpose of improving the quality of life of our members and their communities.

How did it get started?

The program was created by Palmetto Electric Cooperative in South Carolina in 1989, and since then it has been adopted by more than 250 electric cooperatives nationwide. Since its introduction, Operation Round Up has raised more than $50 million for cooperative communities.

How does it work?

 Each month, the electric bills of participating Altamaha EMC members are rounded up - increased to the next dollar amount. If a member's bill is $124.50, it's rounded up to $125. Fifty cents is deposited in a separate bank account for the Altamaha EMC Foundation. The maximum a member would contribute to the program yearly would be $11.88. The average contribution per member per year would be $6. Small change indeed, but it makes a huge difference in the lives of many.

What is Altamaha EMC's goal for this program?

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for the communities we serve. Cooperatives are governed by seven principles, the seventh principle being Concern for Community. Altamaha EMC has a long history of community involvement and support of charitable and community organizations, from youth programs to shelters for battered women to food banks and many more. Many of these organizations have seen their need for outreach grow in recent years, while funding sources haven't kept up.

Operation Round Up provides Altamaha EMC with a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate and extend its commitment to its members and their communities. Operation Round Up is an example of people coming together and pooling their resources to accomplish a greater good, much like residents of this area did 80 years ago when they formed Altamaha EMC to bring electricity to rural homes, farms and communities. It was something they couldn't accomplish individually, but as a group it was achievable. Now, through Operation Round Up, local residents can come together to create change and provide assistance in their communities through a foundation - something they couldn't do individually on this scale.

Do other cooperatives participate?

There are currently about 250 cooperatives participating in Operation Round Up nationally, 29 of them in Georgia.

Why is Altamaha EMC automatically signing up all members?

We believe our members would want their Foundation to have as much positive impact in the community as possible. Based on the experience of other cooperatives that have introduced Operation Round Up, we anticipate participation in the program to be between 75-90%. To ensure that our members understand what Operation Round Up is and why we implemented it, we ran a six-month long communication campaign prior to start of the program. During this period, members had the opportunity to decline participation in Operation Round UP.

What if a member doesn't want to participate?

Even after they are signed up for Operation Round Up, members may leave the program at any time simply by contacting Altamaha EMC. This voluntary program is designed so that it's easy for members to opt out.

What is the Altamaha EMC Foundation?

The Altamaha EMC Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization set up to represent the members of Altamaha EMC and the funds collected through Operation Round Up for charitable purposes. The mission of the Foundation is to distribute money collected from Altamaha EMC members through Operation Round Up to worthwhile, charitable and educational purposes that will improve lives and respond to immediate needs within the counties where the cooperative provides electric service.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes. Each January bill will have a summary of donations for tax purposes.

How do I opt out of Operation Round Up?

You can opt out of the program by calling our office at 912-526-8181 and speaking to a customer service representative.