A Great Option for EMC Members

It's just like putting gas in your car's fuel tank. Let's say you have $40 to pay for a week's worth of gasoline. You drive Pay Your Way Meteringto the gas station, pump in $40 worth of gas and drive off.

Throughout the week, you watch the gas gauge to see how much gas you have left. The more you drive, the more gas you use. By watching the gas gauge, you can tell if the gas remaining in the tank is enough to get you through to the end of the week. You become more prudent with your gas use and make informed decisions on when and how much to use.

Transfer that analogy to your electric account at Altamaha EMC. With normal metering, you get a bill after you have used the electricity. Sometimes, that bill can lead to the question, "How could I possibly have used so much electricity?" Prepaid metering is designed to ease that shock. Let's take a look at exactly how it works.

EMC Pay Your WayThe components of a prepaid metering system aren't too different from regular metering. Two extra pieces are required: A way to turn off the power when all your money is used and a way for Altamaha EMC to tell you how much money is left on your account. Think of this as your "electricity tank gauge". Once the prepaid metering equipment is installed, prepaid users receive usage notifications through text messages and emails.

You decide how often you want to buy electricity. Monthly? Weekly? Then you budget for a certain amount of power and pay Altamaha EMC. Bingo, your electricity tank is full. During the time period you have paid for, you receive regular feedback on how much is left in your tank. As you approach "empty" you add more money to your account and then you are set for the next period. If you run out of money in your account, the power goes off - just like your car stops when you run out of gas.

To complete the analogy, let's look at what you have been doing during the week. You have become more aware of how you are using electricity. You turn things off more often. You may change your thermostat settings so you don't cool or heat as much. You might cook outside to avoid using the oven or make sure your dishwasher is really full before running it.

Industry studies show that consumers who participate in prepaid metering plans use as much as 10 percent less electricity than those on regular metering. Prepaid metering teaches the value of electricity and what uses the most power in your home, provides absolute control over how much you pay and helps you reduce your energy use. It is a tremendous way to power your life.

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